Cloud-based Number and
SIM Inventory Management

Revolutionize your telecom operations with centralized and streamlined inventory control.


Centralize and simplify with TNM – the comprehensive solution for
number and SIM inventory management:

Unified Repository: Single source for identifier resources such as IMSIs, MSISDNs, ICCIDs, and more.

Enhance SIM tracking, forecasting and seamlessly automate orders from manufacturers.

Comprehensive solution for both fixed-line and mobile services.

Tailored multi-tenancy: Customized for specific countries, operations, or service groups.

TNM: Designed for Seamless Integration

  • Centralize across your entire network and affiliate entities with our top-tier SaaS solution.
  • Holistic management of IMSIs, ICCIDs, MSISDNs, IMEIs, CPEs, IP addresses, regulations, reporting, and complete lifecycle.
  • Central hub for SIM Ordering, Telephone Numbers, and other critical resources.
  • Role-specific access rights and hierarchical groups with custom attributes made simple.
  • Quick and hassle-free integration with REST API Gateway.
  • Meets the TMF639 Resource Inventory Management API REST Specification standards.

Why Choose TNM?

  • Robust Repository: A unified system for diverse resource types and service paradigms.
  • Trusted & Tested: Adopted by industry leaders for stellar resource management.

  • User-Friendly: An intuitive interface for effortless inventory management.

  • Performance-Centric: Built for scalability, ensuring flawless management of extensive inventories.

FAQs: Empowering Your Decision

Why is a Number Inventory System Essential?

Manual tracking can be prone to errors and is labor-intensive. Mistaken allocations can be expensive, tarnishing the user experience.

How Can I Seamlessly Integrate with the TNM Platform?

TNM’s advanced SaaS platform offers out-of-the-box REST APIs for seamless integration. Plus, with TMF639 Resource Inventory Management API REST Specification compliance, expect a hassle-free integration experience.

Why Opt for Cloud SaaS over On-Premises Deployment?

With TNM Cloud SaaS, telecom operators can significantly save on infrastructure and maintenance costs. Industry reports suggest over 80% of cloud users achieve their infrastructure objectives, with 88% anticipating even more significant cloud benefits.

How to Access Accurate Inventory Reports?

TNM offers a centralized data hub for all number inventory, SIMs, and related resources – tracked in real-time. Generate instantaneous reports to maintain control and facilitate precise forecasting, including Regulatory reports.