Driven by digitalization, where automation enhances efficiency and profitability, telecom operators are accelerating the adoption of digital warehousing and distribution toward a better customer experience.

Evolving Systems introduces SIMplistix: An Automation and Digitalization of Telecom Inventory and Logistics Solution.

SIMplistix is a modern real-time warehouse inventory management solution that simplifies the stock inventory process and effectively tracks orders when stock is received and audited for order fulfillment. SIMplistix enables the management of operators’ entire physical inventory (i.e., SIMs, Vouchers, Devices) from stock ordering to acceptance and distribution while providing a real-time view of incoming and outgoing stock orders.

SIMplistix ensures seamless end-to-end process flows, higher accuracy, and quicker response times.

Accelerate your Adoption of Digital Warehousing and Distribution.

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