Real-time SIM Logistics and Inventory Management Solution

Providing mobile operators a real-time view, enabling accurate management of SIM stock inventory movement from SIM manufacturing to warehouse and distribution channels

Digital Automation of SIM Logistics and Distribution

Key Highlights

Cloud or on-premise deployment options

Automation – Streamline and automate manual warehousing & logistics processes which are prone to errors

Cost savings by reducing stock inventory wastage, paperless processes, and improved efficiency through automation

Visibility of Stock Movement. Real-time tracking and management of stock levels

User portal with a full user management service supporting multiple roles for the different users configured within the system

A portal and Mobile application that enable the assignment of different tasks based on roles with real-time updates

Open APIs for easy integration with 3rd party vendors, partners, and applications

Dashboard and Reports – Display workboard on tasks and assignments, inventory stock status, and transaction summary

Digitalize warehouse inventory and process automation. Overcome complex logistic issues, manual process errors, and high wastage costs
  • Seamless end-to-end process flows
  • Higher accuracy with less human error
  • Improve cost efficiencies from orders through to delivery
Accurate status of inventory stock (SIMs, Vouchers, Devices). Real-time views of stock consignment delivery, movement, availability, and distribution
  • Optimize stock inventory
  • Ability to monitor SLA and KPI thresholds within the inventory and distribution process chain
  • Achieve better satisfaction rates across supply chain and distribution channels
A modern platform providing an affordable solution, and lower operating costs
  • Microservices architecture built within virtual machines or cloud deployment
  • Auto scalability – expanding infrastructure resources on demand
  • Support for open-source technology and easy integration and REST API gateway
Accurate forecasting and planning
  • Improved inventory planning
  • Reduce stock inventory wastage
  • Avoid loss of revenue due to inaccurate forecasting and reports
Platform accountability, transparency, and auditable
  • Clear accountability – user-defined roles and access rights
  • Tracking and audit trails – logging enabled for all actions and transactions

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